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The Department of Finance (Department of Finance) is keen to adopt a set of rules and regulations to ensure ease of use for those browsing the website or trying to obtaining information by providing in-depth and up-to-date information and instructions. In addition, we provide users with links that will help them view and run the website’s various contents. We also provided them with important e-features to enhance their experience.

Main Software and Browsing Features


​Department of Finance provides the main links to download software programs that enable users to access its contents. These programs include: Adobe, Winrar, Winzip, Java, Flash and Microsoft.


Alternative Text

Department of Finance’s website offers the Alternative Text (Alt Text) feature to convey essential information and explain the content of the image displayed.

Altering font size A+ A-

The departmenty has adopted a feature that facilitates the process of altering the font size by making it smaller or larger for better visibility.

Arabic and English Language

The departmenty offers the option of viewing the website in both Arabic and English, enabling its user to choose the most convenient language. 

Audio/Video Files

The website varies, with its content having both audio and video files that are loaded on external servers, which in return enable users to benefit from the information and news provided by these files, as well as to connect directly to Department of Finance’s official pages on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Open Data

Department of Finance’s website does not only include closed data but it also offers some data in the form of Word, Excel, XML and PDF files.


The website supports a number of Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer +6, Google Chrome, Firefox +1.0, Safari +1.2, Opera +6.0.

Changing text size on the Web

Follow the instructions listed below to change the text size on the web page:

Internet Explorer

To increase, decrease, or change the default font in Internet Explorer Version VI and onwards, follow the below steps:

  1.  Click on the Main Menu

  2.  Choose Show View

  3.  Choose the desired text size

If the text’s font size did not change using the previous steps, another method can be used to choose the default font size by following the steps listed below:

  1.  Click Tools

  2.  Click Internet Options

  3.  Tick the box provided for the option “Ignore the line specified on the Web page”, a mark (√) will appear in the box. Then tick the option “ignore font sizes specified on WebPages”, a mark (√) will appear in the box.

Changing screen resolution

The best screen display resolution for Department of Finance’s web/portal is 1027*768 or higher. In order to control the resolution of your screen, follow the steps below:

  1.  Click on Start Button

  2.  Select Control Panel

  3.  In the Control Panel make sure you are in Classic View ( you will see the control panel as a list of icons)

  4.  If not switch to Classic View

  5.  Select Display Setting

  6.  In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab

  7. When in Settings, drag the slider button and then release the left mouse button when you find the appropriate resolution

  8.  Click Apply

  9.  Close the Control Panel by selecting the Close Button

Microsoft Excel Files (XLS)

In the case where Microsoft Excel is not available on your PC, the Department of Finance provides the link to the Microsoft Corp in order to download Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 for free; which then allows you to view, copy, print and transfer tables to other programs to display the data.

Microsoft Office Word (Document)

If you have Microsoft Word 97 or onwards, Department of Finance’s website provides the link to download Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 from the Microsoft Corporation for free; allowing you to view, print and copy Word documents as a replacement to all previous Word versions.

PDF Files

PDF files display books and other documents that are printable and viewable to the users and in order to view PDF files you need to install Adobe Reader. 

Converting PDF files into HTML

Adobe is provided by the departmenty to its users through the website because of its significance in making various information and software applications accessible to all its users, including ones who are visually impaired. The below instruction should be followed:

  1.  Open the PDF File you want to convert

  2.  Open the conversion tool in a new window

  3.  Copy the URL

  4.  Paste the URL in the URL box on the conversion window

  5.  Click to get the document’s URL as a link button

If you are not able to open an existing file on the departmenty’s website, it is recommended to download the file and open it on your computer. The steps listed below should be followed:

  1. Right click on the file

  2. Select “Save Target As”

  3. Select which folder you want the file to be saved (give a meaningful title)

If you have the right software the file will automatically be viewed. If not; follow the previous instructions mentioned above on PDF files. ​​​​​​

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