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Digital Participation Policy

E-participation allows the public to contribute to the decision making process through their suggestions and remarks, and to present their opinions through technological means and e-participation tools; thus having a great positive effect towards the achievement of The Department of Finance objectives.

Therefore, the The Department of Finance establishes several e-communication channels with its customers to seek their opinions and suggestions based on its keenness to promote transparency in communication; thus contributing in the betterment of service provision quality, and eventually raising the levels of satisfaction and happiness of  The Department of Finance customers

Our Commitment towards the Public:

  • You deserve to be treated with respect, attention and a smiling face.
  • You will be communicated through a cooperative team that is empowered with knowledge, understands your needs, and is able to address your inquiries.
  • Your inquiries will be responded to on a timely basis with no delays.
  • You will be provided with accurate information and sound service procedures.
  • We will be available at the times and through channels and locations that suit you as much as possible.
  • We welcome your opinions and suggestions to develop and enhance our services with your help

What we expect when you communicate with us:

  • To acknowledge the efforts made by our employees in serving you by treating them with respect.
  • To avoid raising or discussing personal issues.
  • To follow and abide by public morals and codes.
  • To avoid giving any inappropriate, offensive or privacy violating comments.
  • To avoid giving any comments that would compromise security.
  • To avoid sharing any information or remarks that violate intellectual property rights of others or disclosing their confidential information.

Supervision Policy

The Department of Finance is open for any comments and remarks through its dedicated channels. Such input will be considered as an important reference during the discussion of the developing and enhancing process of our services.

The Department of Finance has the absolute right to prevent the posting of any comment that would:

  • form a security threat;
  • include inappropriate language;
  • violate the privacy of or offend others;
  • be in violation of local codes;
  • be inappropriate, obscene or libelous;
  • include unwanted or promotional messages;
  • be interpreted as discriminating or harmful to any part of the society in terms of race, color, nationality, religion or status, etc.;
  • include group or political discussions; or
  • infringe intellectual property rights.
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