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Customer Happiness Charter
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Customer Happiness Charter

The Department of Finance is committed to providing innovative, smart and distinguished services of high quality that achieve the happiness and confidence of all customers and exceed their expectations

A Proud Employee Happy To Provide Excellent Service

- Good reception and distinction in dealing.
- Listening to all customers and taking the necessary measures to achieve their interests.
- Commitment to apply the principle of equality and transparency in implementing the customer services relative procedures and regulations approved by the department.
- Meeting the needs of customers with all professionalism by trained, qualified and cooperative employees.
- Providing innovative, smart and distinguished high-quality services.
- Seeking for developing procedures in harmony with the customer's journey and providing the service according to its announced / published completion dates.
- Receiving and welcoming the opinions, suggestions and complaints of customers, as well as addressing them through the approved official communication channels and in accordance with the approved regulations.

A Positive Customer Happy To Receive The Service

- Commitment to provide all service requirements, according to the service manual approved by the department.
- Dealing with the employees of the customers' happiness in a civilized and polite manner and respecting their privacy.
- Provide us with your requirements clearly, so that we can provide the service that in harmony with your needs.
- Maintaining and protecting the property of the department away from misuse or damage.
- Contributing to the development of our services through the approved mechanisms and channels by which we measure the quality of our services and the level of your happiness.

Complaint handling

Direct Complain

1. I go to the service center to apply for a service.
2. I encounter a problem whilst there.
3. I notice that the service center manager has an open door policy.
4. I meet with the manager to explain my problem.
5. The manager takes the necessary actions to resolve my problem.
6. the manger makes sure the problem has been solved and I obtained the service.

Contact Center

1. I go to the service center to apply for a service.
2. I encounter a problem whilst there.
3. I call the Call center at 80070.
4. I explain my problem to them.
5. The Call center agent informs me it takes 3 working days to handle the complaint.
6. The complaint is handled with 3 working days.
7. I receive a call from the agent to inform me about the action taken.

VIA Email

1.While using one of the Department of Ajman Finance online services, I encounter a problem.
2. I navigated through the website.
3. I find the support email
4. I send my complain via email.
5. I received the reply within 3 working days, and my problem is solved.

VIA Social Media

1. While using one of the Ajman Finance services, I encounter a problem
2. I navigated towards the contact page.
3. I find Ajman Finance's social networks icons.
4. I send my complain via one of their social platforms.
5. One of the SM agents contacts me shortly and had a satisfactory discussion.
6. my problem gets solved in 3 working days.

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